V-Tech i5871 Cordless 5.8GHz Phone

Yeah, yeah, we know, you're using a cellphone at home, but not everybody's doing that, and not everybody's using the phone company's voicemail, either. For those Luddites who still want to have chic gear, V-Tech is stepping in with some nice-looking phones lately.

This i5871 is an expandable 5.8GHz system where you plug in one base station and you can add seven handsets. It's got a color handset display and a pretty cool-looking base station, too, that's also a digital answering machine.


This $130 model, along with the V-Tech 2335 we showed you the other day, proves that cellphones don't get to have all the fun. If you're sick of crappy cellphone reception at home, you might consider the advantages of good old land lines.

Product Page [V-Tech]

Pssst! Get it at Amazon for $130.


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