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Maybe it was induced by the shorthand we'd read for years off Necco Sweethearts, but according to AT&T, Valentine's Day is the most popular holiday for text messaging. From February 13th to the 14th, there's a 33% spike in texting traffic. Yes, you know what that means. The cellphone owning population is trying 33% harder to get laid than on a normal day. For a full list of officially sanctioned booty call shorthand, hit the jump. We don't recommend a single, nonsensical letter of it. No one ever made out after calling someone a QT. (But if so, let us know in the comments. We may have expensive jewelry to return).

2G2BT [Too good to be true]
4EAE [Forever and ever]
4U [For you]
AML [All my love]
D8 [Date]
FTBOMH [From the bottom of my heart]
GNSD [Good night, sweet dreams]
H2CUS [Hope to see you soon]
ILU [I love you]
IMU [I miss you]
ISLY [I still love you]
IWALU [I will always love you]
KOTC [Kiss on the cheek]
KOTL [Kiss on the lips]
MUSM [Miss you so much]
QT [Cutie]
TY [Thank you]
TOY [Thinking of you]
URH [You are hot]
UW [You're welcome]
XOXOXO [Hugs & Kisses]