Valiant Comics' First TV Show Dr. Mirage Is Coming to the CW (UPDATED)

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Update 7:23pm EST: A source close to the project has told io9 that the plans for a Dr. Mirage series aren’t as solid originally reported—while a series is in the works, there’s so far only been preliminary talks between Valiant and interested parties. The original story is as follows.

Remember when the CW said it was just about filled up on comic book shows? Well, they must have been talking about just DC, because they’ve now announced the very first TV series based on a Valiant Comics book: Dr. Mirage.


The series, penned by and executively produced by Annabelle scribe Gary Dauberman, seems to be an adaptation of the most recent version of the Valiant series, The Death Defying Dr. Mirage. It follows the titular Doctor Mirage—a.k.a. semi-retired private investigator Shan Fong—who solves paranormal cases by using her powers to communicate with the souls of the dead. Unfortunately she can’t reach out to the one soul she wants to communicate with the most: her late husband.

There’s not much else to go on for the series at the moment, but between this, the Ninjak webseries, and Valiant’s still-brewing plans for a live action movie universe, it seems like the company is finally making the big push to bring its comic heroes to life.