Illustration for article titled Valkee Earbuds Shine Light Into Your Brain to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Now here's something which claims to do the same as SAD lamps, but THROUGH YOUR EARS. Valkee's earbuds supposedly beam light right through to your brain, no doubt brainwashing you into thinking $240 is a sum well-spent on two LEDs.


Former Nokia Executive Vice-President Anssi Vanjoki believes in the Finnish technology so much that he's coughed up investment money to help Valkee on its way. €185 ($240) buys you the earbuds—which we must point out don't actually double-up as audio mediums. There'll be no listening to The Cure when you're treating yourself to happy-light every day for 8 - 12 minutes. [Valkee via Red Ferret via Oh Gizmo via Wired]


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