VaporBLUNT Pinnacle Lightning Review: Get High on the Down Low

You're finally starting to make it in the world. You've got a good job, a sweet pad and the best damn tabletop vape money can buy. So why are you still smoking out of that metal sneak-a-toke from high school whenever you're mobile? Instead, take a hit off the new VaporBLUNT Pinnacle.

What Is It?

A portable convection heater—one of the smallest on the market—for the vaporization and consumption of cannabis.


Who's it For?

The Pinnacle works as both a mobile all-in-one vaporizer and can also be adapted to act as heat source for vaping through water pipes (the hydro tube is sold separately). It's perfect for anybody that prefers their herbs steamed instead of roasted.



Its black plastic unibody is about as big around as a roll of quarters and roughly six inches long. Its front face is flattened and contains the power/heat level button. The Pinnacle's vaporization chamber is located under the removable clear plastic mouthpiece and adapter. It features a removable bullet-shaped filter sleeve, which means you won't have to cram weed directly into the device. It also makes cleaning a lot easier too.


Using It

Click the power button on the unit's front face—once for low heat (375F), twice for high (390F). While the unit's heating, remove the mouthpiece cap, pull out the bullet sleeve, and fill it with fine shake. Slide it back in to the heating chamber, click the cap back on and wait for the indicator light to stop flashing (that signifies that it's ready). Inhale with a long, slow, and steady breath. After your session, hold the power button for two seconds to turn it back off (or it'll do so automatically after a preset 10-minute duration)


The Best Part

The supremely milky hits you get off of this are sublime—even on the cooler setting. What's more, the vaporization chamber is situated right next to the mouthpiece, so don't have to huff and draw heavily in to get a hit. This keeps the temperature levels steady, which results in a fuller, more even vaporization.


Tragic Flaw

Its battery life is a total bummer, lasting less than an hour. That means you'll either have to bring the included wall charger or some real blunt wraps for when the Li-ion cells die.


This Is Weird...

The Pinnacle has a removable mouthpiece as well and, in keeping with the blunt motif, the company also sells replacement mouthpieces in a variety of flavors just in case you prefer your weed not taste like weed. I received a free lemon tip with my unit. It tasted like Pine-Sol.


Test Notes

  • Tip flavors include: Mint, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon, and Bubblegum
  • Accessories include: wall charger, stand, wooden shake pick (immediately lost), spare bullet, bullet scrub brush
  • The herb needs to be really finely ground, like to shake consistency, for best results

Should You Buy It?

I'd say so. It's the first portable vaporizer I've seen in a while on par with the PAX. The unit casing feels a bit cheap and the flavor tip is way gimmicky but both of those complaints are easily ignored once you fire it up.


VaporBLUNT Pinnacle Specs

• Heating Element: Ceramic
• Dimensions: 5.5-inches L x 1 inch D
• Heat Settings: 370 and 390 degrees F
• Battery Type: Lithium Ion
• Battery Life: 50 minutes
• Charge Time: 2.5 - 3 hours
• Weight: 3.2 oz
• Price: $230 at VapeWorld


Special thanks to Vape World—the premier destination for quality vaporization products, service and advice.


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