Venzero LINQ mini Has Wi-Fi Streaming From Windows Media Player 11

Illustration for article titled Venzero LINQ mini Has Wi-Fi Streaming From Windows Media Player 11

Never mind that the LINQ mini has only 1GB of flash memory—the thing can stream music directly from Windows Media Player 11, giving it essentially unlimited (or at least PC-levels of) storage if you're hooked up to Wi-Fi...on the LAN. Why is this cool, again?


Other than this, there's a monochrome LCD (wha?), MP3/WMA support, 20 hours battery life in MP3 mode, 5 hours battery life in Wi-Fi mode and the ability to record music being played back from the car's radio, Starbucks speakers or the GAP and identify it the next time you sync your player. All this for $99 means that if you don't mind the black and white screen, the odd combination of features makes it a tempting buy. [Venzero via Generation Mp3 via Dapreview]

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gets a big "meh" from myself as well. if im within wifi range of my computer, i can just plug some headphones into, you know, the computer, or maybe just play music out of the speakers...? FURTHERMORE, for less money you could just buy a generic fm transmitter and pipe it to your existing, fm capable (you DID get a sansa, didn't you?) PMP and have over 20 hours of music-you-can't-control-while-you're-away-from your-computer-uh-music.

"and the ability to record music from the car's radio" uh, which car? my car? why would i have to tune my cars radio to record what it's playing? couldn't i just, oh i dunno, buy a sansa and record any radio station, anywhere, anytime?

oh yeah cuz im always at the GAP and im like OMG i wish i knew what this generic, repetitive auditory drivel coming out of the speakers was so i can buy it - what? I can record it, right now? thank you so much dumbass vindeisel mp3 player, thank you!

Honestly Giz, you get the coolest shit to review, i was expecting a more realistic approach to the mehness of this piece of shit. its a mehness to society.