Verizon Forces $30 Minimum Data Plans on New Smartphones

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Verizon's data plans are about to get a lot more...aggressive. According to a leaked memo, starting Nov. 14, all new smartphones will require at least a $30 a month data plan—no more pay as you go, 1X block or 10MB/$25 data plans. People with those plans won't be forced into the new scheme, but if you swap out your phone or re-up your contract, you know the drill. It's actually comparable pricewise to AT&T, so it's not so horrible. But the other half of the new data pricing scheme is. Starting next year, Verizon will be forcing "select Web 2.0 devices" (those with HTML web browsing capabilities) to have a data plan as well. That would be your smarter-than-average feature phones, like the LG Dare and Moto Krave ZN4. Boy Genius says you'll need to subscribe to at least the $15 a month VCast plan with unlimited data email and web browsing. I mean, obviously, if you buy a phone on the higher end of the feature set, you're probably looking to use those features at least occasionally, but forcing people to buy a data plan with them is a little bit ridiculous, especially when most of them suck hard at web browsing, and Verizon's baked-in email client is subpar. [Howard Forums via Boy Genius]