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Verizon Wireless announced it's already rolling out its EV-DO revision-A service to metro markets in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest, vowing to have the top 100 US metro areas covered by this summer with the faster connections.

Of course, that cellphone or EV-DO card you're using now won't work; you'll need to upgrade to a "compatible device," and the only two Verizon is offering thus far are the compact USB720 wireless modem and the AirCard 595 PC Card.


What do they mean by "wireless broadband," anyway?

Verizon claims you'll be able to upload files "five to six times faster than before" with this Rev-A tech. Wireless broadband in VerizonSpeak means download speeds of 450kbps to 800kbps (expect to get the lower number if you're lucky) and upload speeds of 300-400kbps. Even though that's better than before, that's certainly stretching the meaning of the term "broadband." Take a look at the press releases on the Verizon site to see if your area is one of the lucky ones.

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