Verizon Ruined Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus Again

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Verizon is screwing with Google Wallet again. After originally just saying it wouldn't officially support it at all, it relented a little bit and allowed it onto the Galaxy Nexus last month. And now it's called take-backs, apparently.


It seems users who had downloaded and used the Google Wallet app on their Verizon Galaxy Nexus are being told that their app is out of date and they need to update. But the Play Store is telling them that their device isn't supported anymore. So then. Maybe it's an oversight on Verizon's part, but with how strongly it's resisted Google Wallet, in favor of whatever forthcoming competing service it's working on, that's not something we can safely assume, really. Let's hope that Mobile Payments Committee ends up solving some of these mixups. [Engadget]



Off topic: Google Wallet aside — Galaxy Nexus people, how do you like it? Would you switch to a Galaxy S III or wait for a new Nexus at this point? Any of you former iPhone people? Every once in a while I get the urge to switch back to Android, but I'm worried about having a phone so big it would be uncomfortable in a pocket (just to explain the concern, I'd be switching from a 4s) And I'm also interested if you've experienced any lag in animations or problems running apps. I know the Nexus is on the most current version of Android, I'm just going off of my experience with Android way back when I had a Droid.