Verizon Users Reporting Widespread Data Outage Across The US

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If you're with Verizon and having trouble getting online from your phone this morning, you're not alone. The Verizon Community is awash with customers who are struggling to get a data connection.

Based on what's being said in the Verizon forums, it looks like the problem is widespread: from DC across to San Francisco. It also looks as if both 3G and 4G networks have been affected. (OK, so not many people have 4G anyway, but still.)

Let us know how you're getting on with your data connection this morning, and we'll keep you updated with Verizon's progress in getting it fixed.


Update: According to The Verge, users in California, Rhode Island, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York have all apparently been affected. Verizon have declined to discuss the extent of the issues with the press.

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