Verizon Waited Almost Four Days to Help Authorities Find Body of Missing Woman

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Despite repeated pleas from family, friends and the FBI, Verizon took its sweet time getting around to helping out in the search for woman in Kansas City who was last seen being abducted on camera in a Target parking lot. When a technician did finally arrive three and a half days after being initially asked, they were able to locate her body within 45 minutes using her cellphone as a guide. The authorities believe that Verizon's participation could not have had an impact on her death, but they are struggling to figure out why they took so long to help out. Was it laziness or incompetence? The Johnson County District Attorney, Phill Kline is leaning towards the latter explanation:

There was a lack of understanding on their end of what they were incapable of doing. I was on the conference call with Verizon, and we had three technicians telling us different things and using different terms, and we can't guess their mind. We've got a girl that's missing. We have a girl that's missing, we have a likely abduction, we need to find her.


So far, Verizon has not offered up an official explanation. Whatever the reason, Verizon really dropped the ball on this one. Obviously, their actions in this situation lead to two or three extra days without closure for the family of the deceased. In case you were wondering, Target went out of their way to help on their end. So at least we know that they can be trusted should something terrible go down while you are perusing their electronics department for batteries.[Fox via Consumerist]

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Commercial Idea for Alltel.

Chad Yelling, stanind over poor dead woman: "Hey, she's over here!"

Cut to Verizon guy eating a sandwich: "I was going to look in a second!"

Cut to Wizard: *BAMF* Verizon guy goes up in flames.

Yeah, I know Alltel was purchased by Verizon, but it just sounds like such a good commercial.