Verizon Wireless To Mine Your Usage Data For Marketing And Ads

Illustration for article titled Verizon Wireless To Mine Your Usage Data For Marketing And Ads

Verizon is reportedly changing its privacy policy in a way that'll let the carrier monitor your usage and mine that information for marketing reports and targeted ads.

The new privacy policy will gather a long list of information including URLs, search terms, location information, app usage and feature usage. And if that isn't enough, Verizon will monitor how you use your calling plan and what mobile phones you buy. It'll also compile your demographic information. The only stuff it won't plunder is your identifying information which is off-limits and will not be shared.

Verizon plans to use this information internally to serve up targeted ads and generate marketing reports. It'll also share this data with third-party companies to create even more marketing reports. If you find this collecting and sharing a bit unsettling, you can at least opt out by calling Verizon at 1-866-211-0874 or by filling out this web form. [Verizon Wireless via ComputerWorld]

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I'm curious, if they aren't going to collect any identifying information, how are they going to deliver targeted ads to ME?