Hum, Verizon’s gadget that makes make dumb old cars smarter, will soon be granting loved ones remote access to your car’s location, driving history, speeding habits, and all sorts of other potentially damaging or embarrassing information.

Hum originally launched in August to make older cars more connected to modern tech like OnStar and Bluetooth without expensive overhauls or upgrades. Now, Hum will also give parents of teens or children of elderly drivers realtime updates about what exactly those family members are doing on the road, including the driver’s location. Hum users will also receive alerts when the driver exceeds certain speeds and enters or exit certain established boundaries. The plug in teen-monitor can also tap into the trip history, including duration and average speeds or start and end times.


The Hum update will be available on Apple and Google Play later this month.

[Verizon via The Verge]

Image: YouTube