Verizon's Galaxy Nexus Is Having Signal Problems

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Folks who bought a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon last week are reporting that signal strength on the new Googlephone has been pretty darn terrible. Verizon knows it's a problem and is working on a software update that will hopefully clear up the issue.


The reports are that the Galaxy Nexii are seeing lower than average signal strength, dropped calls, and users are having to toggle Airplane mode on and off to get the signal working. It's probably safe to assume that Verizon will figure something out for Google's flagship phone, but then, you'd have thought it was safe to assume Verizon wouldn't hamstring a major feature like Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus, too. While we wait to see what happens, let us know if the comments if you're seeing any other issues crop up. [Droid-Life, Verizon]

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The Droid Charge, which has almost the exact same radio chipset, had the exact same problem. It's now fixed...

You'd think the knowledge used to fix the Droid Charge (Made By Samsung) would have been used to keep this problem from happening on the Galaxy Nexus (Made By Samsung), but hey, at least it'll be fixed...