Verizon's webOS Training Sessions Suggest the Pre and Pixi Are Coming Soon

There's been plenty of speculation as to when Verizon will begin offering the Palm Pre or the Pixi, but some leaked internal training slides would suggest that it'll be sooner rather than later.

According to Phone Arena these 20-minute long training sessions are "to re-introduce Palm and webOS to [Verizon's] personnel [and] will be ongoing until January 4, 2010," so we could speculate that there'll be some excitement in the first quarter of the year. Ah well. At least we can enjoy the catchy tune of the Pixi commercial while we wait. [Phone Arena via Engadget]




So A T & T has the Iphone and is rumored to be getting Android.

Verizon has the Droid and the Eris; with recurring rumors that there will be a CDMA Iphone in 201o. Now it appears that they are getting the Pre and Pixi.

Rumor suggests that the Nexus One will be unlocked GSM - T Mobile and A T & T.

Sprint has the Pre, and Android with the Hero and the Moment.

The consumer may get a few choices for great phones regardless of network. Choice is good.