Vers Handcrafted Wood iPad Case Beautifies Your Bezel, Props Your Pad

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Now that you know you'll have your sweaty hands on an iPad on April 3, you can start fussing over the other stuff you'll need for your shiny new gadget. This Vers case is pretty and has one of

One of those things that keeps a bicycle upright. What do you call those? Footprop? No that's not it. Lean-to? No that's something else I think. Quicksand? Quicksand! Oh that's close—it's on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah. KICKSTAND.


That's right, the Vers case will not only let you forget that your iPad's chunky black bezel ever existed, it will also prop your iPad up with a convenient wooden peg. If you'll remember, the possibility of a kickstand was a topic of much debate in the months leading up to the iPad's unveiling, and though the device itself does not sport one, this looks to be pretty close to the simple, effective implementation most of us had in mind.

The case itself is crafted by hand from hardwood and bamboo and is reinforced with steel to keep your iPad safe. It has openings for the 30 pin connector and volume controls and is top-loading so you can slip your iPad in and out without much trouble.

The case will be available for preorder soon from Vers for $80 (they make a snazzy iPhone one, too). Did I mention it had a kickstand? [Vers Audio]


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Wow, now that's a pretty classy looking case. I'd be interested in knowing exactly how much girth it adds to the iPad though.