Vibram Five Finger Boots for Cold Weather

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Those ridiculous-miraculous-awesome-awful Vibrams shoes are growing up over the bodies of their fanboys like a symbiotic organism. Their cold-weather boots—FiveFingers Cervinia—now reach half up your leg. I can't wait for them to create a full-body Dune stillsuit.


The boots are $160, which is not bad for boots. Here also some of their new models for 2011:

Do you use FiveFingers shoes? Does the alleged comfort and good effects compensate for their weird ridiculousness? Tell us in the comments. [Vibram via GearJunkie]



dude, these are the dumbest shoes/boots ever made, great now I can stub any one of my toes on uneven sidewalk. Thanks for destroying decades of shoe technology just to bring us basically back to walking around barefoot. Nice!