Instead of just listening for signs that something might be wrong with a sleeping infant, the Snuza monitor does a quick check before sounding the alarm. So not only does it provide extra piece of mind, it also cuts down on false positives that could have you dashing to the nursery in a panic.

The Snuza Hero clips to an infant's diaper and uses a motion detector to constantly monitor its movement. If there's been no detectable motion for a period of ten seconds, it discreetly vibrates in an attempt to rouse the child. And if there's still no movement after 20 seconds, then an audible alarm sounds.


The last thing beleaguered parents want is to wake an infant that's finally fallen asleep, but the $106 Snuza's vibrations are apparently subtle enough not to complete wake them from their slumber. And even if it does, a crying baby is far better than the sound of an alarm alerting you there's something wrong.

[Pneo Snuza via 7Gadgets]


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