Vibrating Gloves Make Some Appendages More Sensitive

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Vibrators are distracting (at least my interpretation of them). Vibrating gloves? Apparently helpful! Researchers have found that wearing vibrating gloves can improve tactile sensitivity and motor performance in your fingers. How is that possible?

It's an effect called stochastic resonance, which basically means that your sight, hearing, balance, touch, etc can improve when white noise is introduced. That white noise, however, hasn't yet been incorporated into a wearable device. Until now. Researchers at Georgia Tech built a vibrating glove that places a small vibration on the side of the fingertip. It's like wearable white noise.

That small vibration allowed people to sense lighter touches, determine two points pressed against their finger better and more accurately play a touch and match game. It's amazing what a little buzz can do for you. This glove could prove incredibly useful for doctors, surgeons, dentists, the bomb squad, anybody who works with their hands and for use in conjunction with vibrators. Double the sensitivity, you know! [Georgia Tech via CNET]

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Vibrating glove make you more sensitive???? Wolowitz approves