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Victorian Mustache Spoon: Your Nose Neighbor's Best Friend

Illustration for article titled Victorian Mustache Spoon: Your Nose Neighbors Best Friend

With the trends of today's disaffected youth being what they are, mustaches have gained an unfortunate affiliation with hipsterdom and its ironic ramifications. This gloriously dignified mustache spoon, however, is a reminder that there was actually a time when your mustache was a symbol of honor and of your manhood.


With the level of prestige attributed to the Victorian man's lady-tickler, he had to protect his beloved nose neighbor at all costs. This is where this holy of facial hair holies comes in. This incredible piece of craftsmanship had a perfectly placed, mustache-shaped cutout to protect a man's pride and joy from all sorts of offending soups, stews, and otherwise 'stache-staining dishes. The spoons are apparently difficult to find now, but if you do come across one, please, keep it from ironic eyes. They'll just turn it into a 'stache spork. [Neatorama]

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I thought that etiquette demands that the spoon, like the fork, was to be used in the left hand. As a modern south paw, I would find it difficult to find a suitable piece of left handed mustache cutlery.