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Victoria's Secret Show Gets HD Diss

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's true. If you've had your heart set on watching next Tuesday's broadcast of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in HD, you'll have to set your willies to half mast and deal with standard definition from CBS. Obviously, it's ok to watch Andy Rooney in all his HD glory, but lingerie doesn't seem to rate high enough. We're thinking that maybe HDTV wouldn't do the girls as well as you might expect, and to keep you dogs lusting after these perfect bodies, it's better to tone down this broadcast. It's no secret that many celebrities have been complaining about wrinkles and skin imperfections when they're on HDTV, so maybe Giselle's got some unwanted cellulite we don't know about (god, I hope so) and we KNOW Tyra has a 'stache. Anyhow, sorry boys. It's a done deal this year, though for some reason, I'm sure you'll still enjoy the show.

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