Video: 873 People Ditch a Downed Airbus in 77 Seconds

How long do you think it takes to clear out an Airbus A380 with 873 people on board in an emergency situation? 10 minutes? 5 minutes, perhaps? Try 77 seconds. That's what the above video shows, an amazing feat of organized jumping and sliding that clears the entire plane out with amazing speed.

Of course, this plane is just sitting on the ground, and it isn't on fire, on its side, or in the water, so a real crash would obviously be a tad bit different. But still, it's somewhat comforting to know that if shit goes down the potential is there to get you out of harms way ASAP. Plus, those slides look kind of fun.

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It appears that Airbus and friends forgot that coach-class seats are designed to "save your life", but not necessary prevent injury.

According the FAA (and also discussed on everyone's favorite "educational" show, Mythbusters), most coach-class seats will cause a non-lethal injuries. They tend to break your legs on impact by crushing them against the seat in front of you.

I'd like to see that demonstration done with 853 passengers with their legs tied up... The other 20 business and first-class passengers can stay put—they're dead.