Video-Capable E-Paper Hints At a Fun Ebook Reader Future

E-Ink has served Kindle users well for the past few years, but there's no way it's the e-paper endgame. Especially when this new tech from Nemoptic is video, touchscreen, and backlight-friendly.


It can basically do everything you wish your Kindle could. That's thanks to being based on active matrix bistable nematics, which allows for a 30 millisecond refresh and what looks like fairly decent resolution. Nemoptic has yet to find a hardware partner yet for the technology, but it seems as though it'll be cheap enough that cost won't be the main constraint. In fact, the low cost means you'll probably be seeing the system in low-end cellphones and store displays first, then select ebook readers.

Pretty handy stuff! More demo videos are available here. And remember, when breaking the news to your Kindle: you're not mad, you're just disappointed. [Technology Review via Fast Company]

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170 dpi? Isn't the retina display in theory better at 326 dpi?

Still impressive though, can't wait to see this sort of technology widespread.