Video Cards Featuring SpursEngine (Cell Processor) Coming Soon

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We've already seen the SpursEngine teased in laptops, but Toshiba is becoming vocal about bringing the SpursEngine—the same technology found in the PlayStation 3 Cell processor—to standalone video cards in 4-core configuration. The first will come from Leadtek later this month for $286, a 128MB card that can fit into a small form PC, and it will be followed in November by Thomson cards that will start in the high $300s. SpursEngine cards have built-in MPEG2 and H.264 codecs which equal smooth video playback and the ability to uprez SD content on the fly. And at least Leadtek's offering sounds like a solid alternative to small media PC packed with integrated graphics. [PCWorld]


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Franklin Comes Alive!

Fun fact, the PS3 was originally supposed to have two Cells, one for processing and one for graphics.