Trip to the library... and back. from Yongsoo Bahk on Vimeo.

D700, 35mm F2.0, old Manfrotto tripod. Shot 1 frame per second. no music or graphic added.


Snow, Sleet, Rain, Ice. from Jim Meegan on Vimeo.

Strange result here with the two part snow/sleet/rain storm. Kind of cool seeing the snow get washed away even faster than it builds up.


Ugh, listen to me. Making these time-lapses is the only way I can keep myself going this winter.

Medford, Massachusetts.

Street view: 2/1/11 7:30am - 2/2/11 1:30pm

Icicle view: 2/2/11 1:30pm - 9:30pm

One photo every 5 minutes. Played back at 24fps.

RAW color corrected version to follow if motivated.


Mission Gorge HDR Time Lapse from David Newman on Vimeo.

This was shoot with a Canon 7D to CR2 RAW files. Two exposures where used, bracketed at 1/50th and 1/200th taken every 4 seconds. The camera is mounted on a telescope head (a.k.a MiLapse mount) to give some extra motion to the image.

The CR2 files were batch converted into two CineForm RAW AVIs at 5184x3456, which where then loaded into After Effects to blend the two exposures. Color correction was done in First Light.


This was my first HDR time lapse, and I learned not to use such a fast shutter speed as the camera's exposure between frames in a little bit random. Next time I'll add ND filters so exposures can be more like 1/15 and 1/4th of a second (or slower.)

Hyper-Lapse from Dan Eckert on Vimeo.

The first two clips are from a railroad track near the border of California and Nevada. Then a track/pan at the Granite Mountains. Then "walking the tripod" At the Cargo Muchacho mts. Star trails were done in After Effects.


Columbus to Mentor Timelapse from Michael Jasilionis on Vimeo.

Drove from Columbus Ohio to Mentor Ohio.

Canon 550d
Using MagicLantern Firmware.
shot at 1/4shutter, F4.0 on my 18-55 kit lens at an interval of every 10 secs.


Song is a SOFB original.

Red Roses TimeLapse (1 Week in 37 Seconds) from Michael Durham on Vimeo.

Camera: Canon XSi with Takumar 28mm lens.

Exposure: 1 Frame every 10 minutes for seven days.

Music Licensed Through Pond5

This set was started on Friday Jan 21st.


Sunrise Timelapse from Peter Glitsch on Vimeo.

Rigged up a little Servo to press the shutter on my camera every 20 seconds. My Panasonic DMC-FZ35 was outside from 6:00 to 10:30 AM. I made a little bit of music to go along with it on my guitar.


Melting Ice Cube from Luke McGovern on Vimeo.

This is a video of a melting ice cube. it was done in my kitchen and shot with a Canon Power Shot SXZ001S and a Samsung ST500.


Sunset, Balboa Park, San Diego from David Newman on Vimeo.

This was shoot with a Canon 7D to CR2 RAW files. A 2s exposure every 3s, at ISO 200, F/22 using a 10-22mm lens. To allow for the long exposure I initially placed 5 stops worth of neutral density filters. The camera is mounted on a telescope head (a.k.a MiLapse mount) to give some extra motion to the image.

The CR2 files were batch converted to CineForm RAW, into a real-time playable AVI with resolution 5184 x 3456. This was loaded into CineForm FirstLight for color correction and some reframing. This was then loaded into VirtualDub for scaling to 1920x1080. I used Premiere Pro CS5, to cut, title and exported via Adobe Media Encoder to produce the 1080p mp4 upload.


8th hole from Michael Salisbury on Vimeo.

For gizmodo.


Basketball Timelapse from David Morel on Vimeo.

This was shot with a Nikon d7000, image taken every 5 seconds for over 990 images. Thy were assembled in Sony's Vegas Video Studio Pro 10.


Passing Me By from Chris Koski on Vimeo.

Three short time lapse sequences shot in and around the Sudbury, Ontario area. Total of 917 still images taken with a Canon 7D and Sigma 10-20mm. Compiled in Quicktime Pro / Mixed in Premiere Pro.

Music is "Photograph" by Frozen Silence (licensed in CC).


"City Never Sleeps" - Chicago Time-Lapse for Gizmodo Video Challenge from Zac & Betty FengLong Photography on Vimeo.

All footage shot in Downtown Chicago on January 18th & 19th, 2011. Edited on January 23rd for the Gizmodo Video Challenge into a 0:45 clip.‚Äč5733575/‚Äčintroducing-the-video-challenge

Equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF16-35mm f/2.8L and EF50mm f/1.2L. Induro tripod and $20 eBay intervalometer :)


Music is "Not too quiet" by zikweb‚Äčfiles/‚Äčzikweb/‚Äč17624 is licensed under a Creative Commons license:‚Äčlicenses/‚Äčby/‚Äč3.0/‚Äč

Healing My Face from Chris Smith on Vimeo.

During my vacation in Montana, I was in a car accident. Everyone was fine, but I bumped my forehead on the headrest in front of me, and the bruise drained down into my face. This is a time lapse where you can see my two black eyes fading away in a few pictures a day, put together using Picasa's nifty face-movie feature.


Sleeping Time Lapse from Olivier Martel on Vimeo.

117 pictures
5 minutes between them (more than that I couldn't sleep :P)
Canon T2i with 50mm 1.8 II lens
1" , f1.8 , iso 1600


When it is Darkest. from Michael Tuttle on Vimeo.

Video Challenge, Time Lapse, Taken with Canon 5D w/ 17-40 F4L @ F4, 17mm, 29 seconds @ iso 3200 or 5D 24-70F2.8L @ 24mm 29 Sec. iso 1600. Arches national park, delicate arch, balanced rock, natural bridges national monument, utah


Gizmodo Video Challange Time Lapse from Adam G on Vimeo.

Shot 1/21/11 Using my Nikon D7000, Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 lens. Almost all was shot at 35mm and I tried to use the Hyperfocal technique from the last shooting challenge. I used the cool New York video as my partial inspiration but wish I could have made a longer movie...


Musical Credit to Dashboard Confessional.

Haircut Time Lapse from Stan V on Vimeo.


Green Tea Pot from cream_one on Vimeo.

A short video which I shot and edited in a half of a day. Stills shot using EOS Utility PC Intervalometer. Camera was set to shoot a frame each 5 seconds - total amount of frames used is about 300.

camera: Canon EOS 550D, 50mm f/1.8 II lens

edit: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

music: The Cinematic Orchestra - Familiar Ground

creamywhite.studios 2010


Bird Feeder Timelapse from Ellipsis Video on Vimeo.

The lunch-time rush at the bird feeder in 45 seconds.


San Diego Temple Time Lapse from Tom on Vimeo.

Dawn at the San Diego Temple. Shot with Canon EOS 7D. Used manual exposure to make temple glow with sunrise, eventually washing out entire image.


I Love Lamp. from U. David Clark on Vimeo.

This was set up on my desk i used various speeds. It is a lava lamp if your wondering. filmed with a panasonic tm700. shot it in 1080p 60fps then sped it up with editing and also i added old film look to it.


Tokyo Tower Special Observatory from darwinfish105 on Vimeo.

Tilt shift miniature faked time lapse movie taken from Tokyo Tower Special Observatory, a height of 250m(820 ft).
camera : Canon EOS 5D MarkII
lens : MC ARAX 2.8/35mm Tilt & Shift
camera : Pentax K-5
lens : MC BIOMETAR 2.8/80mm & Tilt Adapter Pentacon Six
music : am by LUCA CITOLI‚Äčen/‚Äčtrack/‚Äč540450

Interval timer is not used and taken by continuous shooting.
F number:F4.0-5.6
At daytime SS:0.5-1sec,ISO:100,using ND400 filter
At night SS:1sec,ISO:200-400
Tilt angle:7


Re-edited for Gizmodo video challenge.Original version on Youtube.‚Äčwatch?v=zTzEC50r5i4

El Presidio Park, Downtown, Tucson, AZ from Draigg on Vimeo.

Yeah, it might not be the best quality, but when you consider....
Shot with an Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen using the iTimeLapse app. 2.5 hours at a rate of one shot every 3 secs. producing 2,828 frames, resulting in 1 min 34 secs of footage. Although shot at a resolution of 900x1200, it had to be rendered at 600x800 due to export limitations. Edited with the Splice app. by speeding it up 2X and trimming it down to 44 secs. length. Here I rendered it at 1280x720. Music is copyright free and entitled "Peace Child" from


From the window by my desk in the Tucson City Hall.

Lapseography Gizmodo from Josh Wallace on Vimeo.


BC Ferries Vic to Van in 45 Seconds from Ed. E Currents on Vimeo.

A dip into time-lapse photography while on a day trip to Vancouver (Sunday, Jan 16th). The shots were shot on the fly with little planning. The idea came up while on Gizmodo the evening before the trip.

Equipment used:
- Canon 7D with 16-35mm f/2.8L
- Cheap generic timer release set to 1 second interval
- Zoom H1 to record Live audio clip heard in the background


Photos were shot in RAW and imported and adjusted in Lightroom to a 16x9 crop and 720p resize before being compiled in Premiere at 30fps. The soundtrack was a Reason project collecting three years of dust, so I figured now was a good time to make use of the mellow pad sound.

Motorway Timelapse from Bill B. on Vimeo.

hot using my Nikon D5000. Shutter priority mode, 1s exposure. Tripod set up in the back seat of my car while I drove to work. Been meaning to do this for a while, finally got round to it.


The Water Carnival from Daniel Grey on Vimeo.

I snuck onto a private wharf to film this time lapse on the last day of the Gosford water front carnival. It was the second night in a row I had sat on the wharf. The previous night the time-lapse didn't work because of equipment problems. I was a bit worried about being caught on the wharf but as I was leaving I almost tripped over a fisherman sitting in the dark. "Catch anything" he asked.


A Cup of Ice on a Sunday Afternoon from Chris Cuttriss on Vimeo.

A cup of ice sits alone, waiting for a companion.

The technique here was really simple: a camera, tripod, and cup of ice. The narrative came to me as a contradiction to the sense of community that Starbucks tries to produce. Ironically while shooting this video I met about a dozen (former) strangers who wanted to know what I was doing.


Shot with a little 1D Mk IV and a 70-200 2.8 IS II. Each shot was five seconds from the previous, everything was done at ISO400. Music is Chopin's Franz Liszt-Piano sonata in b minor.

Giant Dipper from Vincent Micciche on Vimeo.

Had some good weather so my friends and I went to Santa Cruz, CA to shoot. Had to sneak my camera on the Giant Dipper to get the shots (they told me to keep it under my jacket). A lot tougher to hold it still than I thought it would be so some of the shots aren't perfect but whatever.


Shot with a Canon Powershot SX30 IS using the miniature mode feature (mimics tilt-shift). Song is "The Ice Dance" by Bachelors of Science.

This is only a few segments of a much longer video. If you want to check it out go here‚Äč18861974


Sunset from Yongsoo Bahk on Vimeo.

Equipment: Nikon D700, 35mm F2, old Manfrotto tripod

Setting: Interval 30 sec, small-jpeg, total of 580 shots

Etc: Set my camera up looking out the window before going out for a while. Could open the window but not the screen, therefore photo quality not as good as it could be. It was a chilly day, and the full battery decided to die after 580 shots.


Mud Slide from Dwight T on Vimeo.

Around 6:30 on Friday January 14th 2011 there was a disturbance within the Force. A lot of rain caused a mudslide over our main access road to our village. A lot of the community was at a basket ball game that was usually a half hour drive away. They had to take some back country logging roads to get home on a 2 hour detour.


On Saturday morning I borrowed a tripod from a friend and drove to where the slide happened. I took 1600 pictures over 2.5 hours and then my battery died. My first attempt at the timelapse was 57 seconds at 28 frames per second. Second attempt was 53 seconds at 30 frames per second. I then went and cut every 6th picture out to cut the time down to 45 seconds at 30 frames a second.

The local newspaper says its estimated to be around 4000 cubic yards of debris. That is 56,000 2 cubic foot wheel barrows, Or 36,000 3 cubic foot wheel barrows.

Saturday evening one lane was open for traffic.


Colonsay t/s @1080p - 45s from Callum Winton on Vimeo.

Location: Colonsay, Scotland
I did this series of shots with an 85mm tilt/shift on a hill overlooking the remote Colonsay Harbour during a recent trip up there.

I have the lens swung to focus only on the length of the pier and after the move I swing it 60deg to focus on the road running from the town to the base of the pier.


The camera has a small shake in it as I tried my best to protect it from a force 8 gale under an umbrella and got rained on 7 times during the making of this (2 hours sitting on the hill).

Video and images all © Callum Winton.


The quick campers! from Fabricio Santos on Vimeo.

The tech details:
Video shot with JVC Everio. Used TimeLapse option set at 1 frame per second. Using Adobe Premiere for editing I further accelerated the whole thing down from 1 and a half minutes to 45 seconds.

The story:
Last Summer (I know, I know, this is out of the valid production and editing time frame, but I decided to share it anyway :-) I did a camping trip across Europe with my daughter and niece and every time we were setting and lifting our camp, I did a Time Lapse video and added it at the beginning and end of a new camping location. Everyone loved it! :-)
This one was shot in a camping site near Biarritz in western France near the Spanish border.
Great, great fun! :-)


1.12.11 Nor'easter in 40 Seconds - Time-Lapse: Medford, MA from Jim Meegan on Vimeo.

This time-lapse was shot in Medford, MA (just outside of Boston) during the Nor'easter on 1.12.11


I started it at midnight and left it running until 7pm.

The camera was set to take a shot every 2.5 minutes over the course of those 19 hours. I used AV mode on my Canon 7D.

The image sequence was conformed to 12fps and placed on a 24fps timeline with frame-blending enabled.


Overall very satisfied. Wish I caught the mess on the window sooner though. We got around 16" here, but only about 13" made it on to the porch I was shooting from because of an overhang. Obviously not as dramatic as the guy from Jersey who captured three feet, but that was just out of my control.

Music: Kevin MacLeod


Football timelapse from dan jarvis on Vimeo.

Whistler time lapse from Russ Macnab on Vimeo.

Video from the top of Whistler. I used a GroPro HD helmet cam. I filmed this while I was having lunch. I put the GoPro on a modified $1 kitchen timer. Hope you enjoy.


Timelapse of the Frankfurt Airport from adriantannerisb on Vimeo.

I'm entering this in the Gizmodo video challenge, and it's a time lapse of the Frankfurt airport. I actually had a much longer video, but I had to clip it in order for it to comply with Gizmodo's rules.
I actually used my Droid Incredible with the app Tina-Timelapse to shoot this, and it's playing at 25 fps.