Video: Chevy Volt's Android App Gets Google Maps Magic

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For those keeping track at home, here's how we're doing on that whole future thing. Tablets: Check! Recreational mind control: Check! Cars that interface with your phone for jaw-droppingly awesome feats of navigation: Almost!

When our blood brothers at Jalopnik saw the Chevy Volt's remote-control apps in January—which will allow drivers to set their vehicle's charging schedule, peruse its trip history, and even honk its horn—they dubbed it the "Jesus Car." Today the deal got even sweeter, with Chevy announcing Google Maps integration for the second phase of the app later this year. Earth2Tech got to check out the updated app and all of its new navigational tricks.


Here are a few of those tricks, in ascending order of awesome: using Google Maps on your phone to find your car in a crowded parking lot; having a friend in a Chevy Volt pinpoint your (phone's) location to pick you up; searching for a location on your phone and having it waiting for you as a destination when you hop in your car. I'll bet you never thought that your little phone could make your big car so much smarter.


Chevy's rolling the Volt out later this year with a first iteration of apps; the Google-ified second phase will follow shortly there after. Vroooom. [Earth2Tech]

Image via Jalopnik