Video Confirms iPhone's Startup Problem, Has Easy Cure

Click to viewHere's another case of the iPhone's startup problem, getting stuck into single-user mode right after turning it on. A reader just sent this video and high resolution photo, along with a description of how it happened. But fear not, Apple fans, because there's an easy cure for it.


Here's what reader Daft Punk had to say about his case:

I've been a Gizmodo reader and an Apple fan for quite some time now. I saw your post and wanted to confirm that this happened to my iPhone as well. I noticed my phone was slow while navigating through applications and menus so i decided to reset it. I went to Apple's support site on my iPhone and searched for instructions on how to reset the device. Once the phone restarted, the single-user boot screen appeared. I ended up having to go into recovery mode to restore the phone.

You will find an image of the single-user boot screen as well as a video of the start-up process.

Keep up the good work over there.

So yes, despite being rock-solid for a first version product, apparently you can indeed screw the iPhone, accidentally vaporizing things from the file system after following Apple's own reset guidelines. This will result in the iPhone booting into single-user mode. That is: The iPhone won't be able to start into graphic mode and will be stuck in a command line. Thankfully, restoring the iPhone apparently fixes this. Case closed, except...

The only thing I found surprising was his description of the iPhone slowing down. Have you experienced any iPhone slowdowns? [Thanks Daft Punk, for not only you have a great musical taste but also a good reading taste as well.]

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Agreed. It is not horrible to expect these problems. The iPhone is, as the hackers are proving, a computer running a powerful operating system. It is a complex device and problems will occur. Stuff like this happens to smartphones all the time, and no one thinks twice about it. That it can be restored without data loss, however, is not common to most phones, and I have predicted this to be a feature that draws in more interest as time goes on.