Video: Fake Steve Jobs Professing Love for Linux

It's easy to forget, reading the addictive prose, that Fake Steve Jobs is a fictional character. And Dan Lyons a Forbes Editor with a entirely separate persona. That becomes clearer when you watch the author of the Freetard-hating FSJ profess his love for Linux in this video. Dan explains that there are tons of pro Linux articles in the wild but people always cite the few negative ones he's written. (Of the boxes he runs, he's got a Zombu, which I love but I think Mossberg dislikes.)[ via Slashdot]


@Joseph: Oh? What's your basis for hating Linux and which version? O.o I think Linux is pretty nifty and great honestly for low income families or people who don't want to buy hardware to run an OS and get the same security from viruses etc. Microsoft & Apple aren't the only two options available, and that can only be a good thing. I mean I would seriously consider Leopard if I didn't need to have to buy the hardware to go with it (and until they do such they wont ever get the number of users that Windows has. Which is great, since Apple fanboys wish only Apple fanboys bought Apple stuff).

Since they don't offer a Mac OS without needing the hardware though, I've got two choices. Windows or Linux, and while Linux may not be limited in what it can do, it is limited in what it can run. Thus I need Windows, since they have a monopoly on software programs and games.