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Video: Nokia's Vision of Mobile Devices in 2015

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This cool dual-display handheld netbook concept is one of several devices Nokia imagines we'll see just a few years from now. Check out this video they just presented at their Way We Live Next 3.0 event in Finland.


The twin-screen netbook concept splits into a smaller handset when you're on the move, and can also act as a computer, GPS, and TV-connected media center. In the video, Nokia also uses it to demonstrate how it sees cloud-based services being used. When you're in an area with fast wireless broadband, the device could use remote servers to help crunch streaming video and sync data, but it would also be self-sufficient when you're not.

Cool stuff, but 2015 is but 5 years away, Nokia. Better get a move on. [SlashGear]