Video of 1870s Monocycle In Action

Click to viewHere's a video of another version of the 1873 monocycle replica done by the same man, Roberto Terradillo from Burgos, Spain. He says that making sharp turns is quite difficult, as you control it using your body weight, leaning to one side or the other. Still, I would like to have one. The video, by the way, is worthy of an Almodovar movie. [Velocipedos]



Or Episode 3 of Star Wars heh.

Well, there's no real point in braking for a device that is just a giant wheel with you in the axis, since if you brake, you'll completely through the center of gravity (you) backwards, and you'd be completely helpless if the thing just topples sideways with you on it....

On second thought, someone please install brakes, go very fast, and brake hard....please.