Click to viewWe got our greasy paws on the Motorola RAZR 2 at the big dog and pony show today, noticing the pretty and hugely popular cellphone plays it safe. Notice in this hands-on video that Motorola hasn't changed that iconic form factor, but at the same time it's been slimmed down by 2 millimeters and loses its double chin.

The original RAZR was tough, but the RAZR2 is super strong. It has stainless steel supports, chemically hardened glass, and the hinge is good for 100,000 flips. It can support up to 180 pounds, and it easily survives drops.


They've also shoehorned 2GB of internal memory on board, and smartened up its user interface, that is, until lummoxes like Verizon get a hold of it.

The company says the RAZR 2's ARM 11 processor is 10 times faster than the first RAZR, and the company's even punched up the sound quality with CrystalTalk, which is said to automagically compensate for noise by raising its volume. Take the jump for highlights of the RAZR 2's rollout presentation and our exclusive hands-on video tour.


There are noticeably brighter screens inside and out. The inside screen is 2.2 inches diagonally with a 320x240 pixel display, and there's a bigger 2-inch display outside. There's subtlety to the new design, too. That double chin is gone. Plus the glass and finish won't get scratched as easily.

Check out the user interface on the RAZR 2. It's streamlined compared to its predecessor, and felt instantly responsive. As you can see, it supports Java apps as well:

The 2-inch outside screen functions as a touchscreen, and you can check messages, place calls and play tunes without even cracking open the clamshell. They've also incorporated haptic feedback into that touchscreen, which sends a small vibration to your finger to signal that you've pressed the button. A weird but cool feeling.

It's tougher as well. The company says the RAZR 2 can withstand an 180 lb. butt sitting on it (Jason could even put this one down the back of his pants and then have a seat!), and then the guy almost dropped it in an accidental attempt at proving its toughness:


It's not a bad-looking phone for the unadventurous, and it's all yours if you can wait until its July ship date.

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