Vietnamese Spam Offers a Beguiling Printer Ink System

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This is probably as old as the hills, but it was a fascinating bit o' spam and the system is compelling. Either this is some sort of umbilical ink system for Epson and Canon printers or it's a refilling system. I don't, however, speak Vietnamese. If anyone wants to take a look at it, let me know. Otherwise, we can just gaze at it in wonder.

Another photo after the jump.

UPDATE - Smitty sez:

I live in Bangkok and see this all over the computer markets. The same places that will refill your inkjet cartridges or sell you cheaper replacement parts will sell you the system you talk about.

it replaces the cartridges in the printer with a system that hooks them directly to a jar of ink. Then you just replace or refill the jars. Works good for busy places or businesses that really cruise through the ink.


UPDATE - This is it.