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Pictures are meant to be shared, right? That's why everyone uploads their pictures to Facebook, tags their friends faces and leaves funny comments for everyone else to see. But that takes work. Plugging in your smartphone, hopping onto a computer, uploading, getting everything right. Viewdle Social Camera for Android is an app that lets you tag photos and upload to Facebook on the fly.

What is it?

Social Camera, Free, Android Social Camera is a camera app that's made specifically for uploading and tagging photos to your social networks. Kind of obvious from the name, I guess! But it's super simple, you flip open the app and choose whether to take a picture or choose a picture from your photo roll. When you snap your shot, Social Camera presents a wheel with options to share the picture to Facebook, Flickr, e-mail, or MMS.


That's fine and all but what really shines about Social Camera is that it lets you tag the people in the photo. This is especially great because Viewdle has developed facial recognition technology that'll eventually start associating names to your friend's faces, which makes tagging way easier. It's like Faces in Apple's iPhoto, the feature gets smarter and smater. Social Camera turns your Android phone into your own personal Facebook camera!

And if you're feeling especially witty, you can throw in a caption for the picture too.

Who's it good for?

People who upload their pictures to Facebook. People who take pictures with a lot of people in it. People who love to share their pictures.


Why's it better than alternatives?

The tagging system in Social Camera gets smarter the more you tag a person. They'll suggest a name for a face or give options for 'recent tags', which makes a lot of sense since those pictures will probably have similar people in them. The app is also smooth and fast and takes pictures within Android's stock camera function for snapshots (so you get all the goodies you're used to and not some crappy overlay).

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How could it be even better?

The spinning wheel used to control which social network you're sharing your pictures to is a little too sensitive, I skipped past Flickr many a times. Twitter integration is 'coming soon' but I'd love it, well, now. And including effects (yeah, yeah not everyone likes effects) would be lovely too because I want my friends to think I'm super artsy, you know!

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Viewdle Social Camera for Android | Android Market

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Speaking of which...whatever happened to that dumb-azz idea for a social media app that let those around you look at your photos? What was it...'Color'?

I remember being shocked that they raised $41 million in capital...reminded me of the dot-com boom at the turn of the century.

I'm guessing in a couple of more months I'll be able to buy the company for the change (and Cheetos) I can find in my couch.