Vine Gets Direct Messaging (Read: Sexting)

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Almost six months after Instagram led the march in direct messages, Vine is just now catching up with its own private video messaging service—the biggest update the app has seen yet. At long last, kids can have sex with hot pockets on the internet in private.

Like Instagram, you can send Video Messages (or VMs) to multiple people at once; although here, this also starts a separate conversation with each person. Also unlike Instagram, though, is the fact that the new VMs aren't just limited to the people you follow. You can send secret, six-second clips to absolutely anyone using the service. Which doesn't exactly inspire the most confidence where avoiding spam and unwanted advances are concerned.

Thankfully, you can limit who you see VMs from; although in order to activate that feature, you'll have to actively opt out of the private message free-for-all. It's surprising it took Vine this long to jump on board the direct message/sexting bandwagon. Of course, we all know who to thank for finally pushing them over the edge.