Vintage Lomo Lenses Attached To Canon 5D Mark II Create The Most Beautifully Shot Video

Being a lomo user, photographer Hunter Richards's Canon 5D Mark II hack has totally made my Friday. Using a Russian lomo lens from the '80s with an adapter, he managed to create a beautifully-shot lomo film worthy of your attention.

Hunter's description of his set-up is probably the easiest way to explain it properly to curry favor with the photography crowd:

"What I think is cool about using 2x anamorphic lenses on the fullframe sensor of the 5d mark 2, is that you can extract the full 4-perf anamorphic gate size as on anamorphic 35mm film in video mode (as the 5d mark 2 sensor is 26mm tall and I only need an image height of about 18mmx22mm to use the image area designed for use with the lenses. Basically this is a very cheap way to shoot "full frame" digital anamorphic because there can be literally no crop factor (as with shooting anamorphic with the Red, F35, ect... which makes 2x anamorphic lenses behave like approx. 1.34x their focal length (more telephoto field of view)- The only current other digital systems available I know of for using the full image area required by 2x anamorphic lenses are the Arri 21 and Phantom HD- which of course make nicer images than the 5dmark2's video mode- but its still fun none the less to get some of that look for relatively cheap."


He uses two Lomo "roundfront" anamorphic lenses from Russia, made between the '80s and '90s, but in the video below he used a 75mm t2.4 one, which cost around $3,000 - $5,000. If you're wanting to emulate his set-up, the Oct-19 EOS adapter used is from and fits all EOS mount models. [Hunter Richards via Planet 5D]


5dm2 + lomo roundfront anamorphics first test from Hunter H. Richards on Vimeo.


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