Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo Flies For the First Time

Illustration for article titled Virgin Galactics WhiteKnightTwo Flies For the First Time

We saw ground tests last week, but yesterday morning WhiteKnightTwo-the funky-looking double-wide plane that will take SpaceShipTwo and its cargo of millionaires on suborbital spaceflights-finally took off on its maiden voyage.


The flight lasted just under an hour, and apparently all went according to plan. You can see some brief in-flight videos at Flightglobal.


I'm digging the design, resembling the two P-51s bolted together for the F-82 Twin Mustang-the last piston-engined fighter ever ordered into producation by the USAF. [Space Fellowship via Slashdot, Photo: Alan Radecki]

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What happened to WhiteKnightOne?