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Hot on the heels of Motorola's ROKR, Virgin Mobile has gone ahead and launched its very first music phone with Kyocera. The Slider Sonic is based on Kyocera's Slider Remix KX5, save for a few aesthetic differences as well as additional features. It'll support WMA and MP3 formats (as opposed to the Motorola's AAC support), Java, AOL instant messaging, and picture messaging. It features a VGA camera, 1.9" color display, a video recorder, and access to MTV content as well as embedded music videos. Word is the music videos and MTV content will feature exclusively Virgin artists, though we have no confirmation on that yet. There'll also be 32MB transflash mem, stereo headphones with a built-in hands-free headset, and a USB cable for PC link-ups.

Pricing is $249.99 (as Virgin Mobile is a pay-as-you-go company, there aren't any contract discounts). Available nationwide starting October 1st at Best Buy, Sam Goody, and, of course, Virgin Megastores.


Product Page [Virgin Mobile via Phone Scoop]