Virtual Air Guitar, Art or Folly?

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I'm not going to explain what air guitar is because chances are, every reader out there has performed with this instrument at one time or another. Of course, most air guitar is either played in private or during live concerts, where you can mix in with the other retards performing along with the band. However, if you feel the need to actually hear the chords you may be plucking in the air, Project Air Guitar is for you. I'd still suggest doing this in private, because now you'll sound badly as well as look like an ass. But here's the deal. Just throw on the "magical" orange gloves, which allow for image tracking, press the start pedal and strum your right hand just like any other rocking good air guitar time. This, if you haven't already guessed, will give you an actual chord. Move your left hand as if on the neck of the guitar and you'll get a different chord. You get the idea. You'll see yourself on the included TV screen as you go and remember, there are only four preselected chords to play with, so it's never REALLY the wrong chord. To play a "solo," just push the pedal to switch from chord mode to solo mode and you'll have a pentatonic minor scale to work with. And remember, friends don't let friends drink and air guitar...


The Virtual Air Guitar - all you need is a rock'n'roll attitude [Gizmag]

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