Virtual Console Coming to Nintendo DSi

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According to website Kombo, at a Japanese Club Nintendo event, Nintendo confirmed that a Virtual Console would be coming to the DSi in Japan, bringing Gameboy and Gameboy Advance titles with it.


The move makes sense, as Nintendo isn't selling Gameboy games on the Wii, while the DSi is being pushed far more into the online marketplace than the original DS (oh, and of course the DSi conveniently killed the GBA slot).

Apparently these games are region locked (ugh) and reports seem mixed as to whether or not the titles are savable to an SD card. But otherwise, like we said, the move makes sense. Just keep in mind that for whatever reason, Nintendo has not made it all official to the press yet, and a North American version may or may not be a long ways off. [Kombo via Kotaku]


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That might be enough to convince me to get one. I own a regular DS Lite but I almost never play it, and I use my Wii for the Virtual Console a lot more than I do for actual Wii games.

I think I'm just getting old, I have recently realized that I get significantly more enjoyment out of playing Super Mario Bros 3 for the 100th time than playing the newest Xbox 360 or PS3 game.