Virtual Fitting Room Turns You Into An Online Paper Doll

The one thing I never buy on the Internet anymore is clothing, after realizing for the umpteenth time that the dress that looked great on the 6 foot, 100lb model doesn't quite hang the same on me. But Japan-based Aveilan Company's virtual fitting room technology might make me give Internet clothes shopping another chance.

Aveilan's Awesaba is a program that lets you create an online mannequin of yourself. To use it, you upload a photograph of yourself in a specific pose - face forward, standing straight, with your arms at your sides a little out from your body. You then have a virtual you to click and drag clothes onto.


The company sells Awesaba to online merchants, who then provide the service free to their customers. As with all things that would make my life a lot easier, it's Japan only right now. Maybe by the time they get version 2.0, complete with 3D modeling and a style adviser who'll tell you not to match that hat with those shoes, we'll have finally jumped on Awesaba in the U.S. [Popgadget]

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