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Virtual Maestro is Like Guitar Hero, Just Without the Guitars and Rock Music

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You might think you're pretty awesome playing One on expert in Guitar Hero 3, but could you conduct an entire orchestra? My guess: probably. And you'll be able to test my hypothesis with Virtual Maestro, a Wii game created by a couple of professors.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't let you play any of the instruments in an orchestra, which would be pretty cool and allow for nice, 50-person online games. Instead, it uses the Wiimote as a baton, letting you conduct the orchestra. Yep, it's a game that's totally controlled by you waving your hands to the music. Sound boring? Yes, I agree, but hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are explosions when you really get the tempo right or when you lead that soloist to perfection. Classical music explosions, that is. The future is now!


Unfortunately for you, it's not for sale. Instead, it'll be set up before London Symphony Orchestra shows to give people a chance to try their hand at conducting before seeing the real maestros at work. You'll have to settle for my incredible box art Photoshop. [Reuters]