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Vista Beta 2 Tour

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ars has a great in-depth piece on Vista Beta 2. We still haven't got our copy—nor are we holding our breath—but it's clearly an important look at an OS that, for better or worse, will soon be taking over our lives. I want to be the first to get Ultimate Vista status with my 6-GHz 25GB Pentium "Codename: Moyel" PC with 42" HD monitor. A sample of what is to come:

The translucent borders that Aero provides have an interesting effect on me, as they draw my eyes to the content of the window more. However, I did find areas where that effect can be confusing: Windows Media player and the Photo Gallery both have large lower transparent borders that house user controls. Locating them in the foggy glass isn't that easy depending on what's behind the Window.

Through a glass darkly, indeed.

A tour of Windows Vista Beta 2 [Arstechnica]