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Visual Voicemail Shows Up on a BlackBerry Bold

Illustration for article titled Visual Voicemail Shows Up on a BlackBerry Bold

Is visual voicemail coming to the BlackBerry Bold? Possibly, if you believe this screenshot from a Boy Genius tipster. Unfortunately, the app doesn't actually launch.


The tipster claims that the module was available on the OS install, but without the Application Center service books, it isn't going to work. Obviously that isn't much to go on, so we have to ask: has anyone else experienced this? [BGR]

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If BlackBerry was cool they'd just eliminate voicemail altogether.

I....ummmm....prefer email or....maybe, I dunno.....text messages I guess.....because it's, you know....a lot easier I think....then uh.....waiting for the person to stammering through the message to the actual point....