Vizio's Mobile Razer Displays Are LED-Backlit, Under an Inch Thick

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Vizio just dropped three mobile LED displays on the world, capable of pulling down ATSC broadcasts and delivering an 800x480 picture in 7, 9 and 10-inch form factors, while only an inch thick in the other direction.

The 10" VMB100 and 9" VMB090 Mobile Razors are capable of pulling down not just ATSC and NTSC broadcasts, but also the new mobile ATSC-MH broadcasts as well. They come complete with an HDMI 1.4 input, composite inputs, headphone jack and a USB port for uses such as MP3 playback.

The 7" VMB070 model loses the USB and HDMI ports, along with the ATSC-MH capability, but its only 0.75 inches thick. All models feature only touch-sensitive controls, and can run for three hours on a single charge. The 7", 9" and 10" will be available "later this year" for $150, $200 and $230, respectively. [Vizio]