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VLC Is Finally Available for Windows 10

Illustration for article titled VLC Is Finally Available for Windows 10

What’s not not to love about VLC Media Player? It’s free, lightweight, intuitive, and plays damn never every file format under the sun. Now, a long-awaited beta is finally available for Windows 10 users. It’s okay to nerd out a little bit.


Besides being its usual wonderful self, this new release works with Cortana voice commands (“Hey Cortana, play Great British Bake Off and literally never stop doing that”) and supports Continuum for mobile-first folks. The forthcoming full release will reportedly work with XBox One and Hololens, but there’s no set date on when it will be available. VLC has been working its way onto all our devices, including Apple TV and Chromecast before that, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

The Windows 10 beta is available for download here. Don’t forget to report your bugs early and often!



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Wait, so the VLC Player I’ve been using on my Windows 10 is... what...?