Vmedia: Like Mini UMD for Netbooks Covered in Feces, But Worse

Illustration for article titled Vmedia: Like Mini UMD for Netbooks Covered in Feces, But Worse

So what exactly is a Vmedia disc? Well, it's pretty much the worst idea ever.

Vmedia believes that their 1GB mini optical disc (promised to hit 2GB if you just give them enough time), is worth a piece of the space and price in your next netbook.


A Vmedia disc has many advantages over flash storage, the company claims. For instance, when you stick an SD card in a computer, its video content may or may not play correctly. Vmedia will offer a codec standard, like DVD, allowing them to license the technology to Hollywood. Vmedia also claims that their discs are cheaper to produce than flash storage. That's probably true, but it's not a savings that would ever be passed on to the consumer. It's just to entice content providers into adopting the tech. You know, so they can sell you Spiderman 3 on yet another format with low risk.

You know what? I'm wasting my time. Everyone intelligent enough to be reading this article is intelligent enough to understand what a completely dated, desperate idea this is when both better physical storage and simpler data distribution both exist. Look at that picture. Consider the information density. Remember the MiniDisc, Laserdisc and HD DVD. Remember Zubaz Pants. Now let's move on. [Laptop]


does anyone remember hearing about this a LONG time ago? Way back when, this was going to be what mp3 players were using, instead of flash memory. They were always comparing it to the size of a quarter... it had some kind of cutesy name like kwiq or zipp player or something like that