Don't worry if your battery dies at a concert this summer. Just find Vodafone's VIP recharging truck. It can charge 2,000 Vodafone handsets at the same time.

The 44-ton truck will go on tour and hit 11 festivals this summer. This charging station on wheels provides the same power output as your household outlet and can charge phone in no time. On board are power cords for your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Nokia handset.


Don't worry, it's not a giant mess of tangled cords, stolen phones and confused customers. When stationed at an event, the truck looks and operates like a giant concession stand. It has rollout stairs and attendants who oversee the charging of your phone. Locked cubicles prevent a passerby from swiping a phone or two.

Vodafone expects to charge about 6,500 devices per festival and a total of 72,000 hover the entire summer. Impressive. [The Next Web]

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