Voice Activation Lameness is All Too Real

We don't care about the Ford Sync car this commercial's trying to sell you, but we find its depiction of balky voice-activated devices all too realistic. Knowingly chuckle along with us as these tools/fools who think they've mastered voice commands get their comeuppance. If this Ford Sync is like our Honda Civic Hybrid, its voice activation might still suck. It's just too noisy in a car environment to work well. Anyway, the idea of telling machines what to do and actually having them carry out your orders is compelling, but we've noticed far more situations where those systems don't want to do what you say. Maybe someday. Open the pod bay doors, Hal. [bb Gadgets]


skulldriveshaft picasaweb

voice activated crap - how many auto makers have tried this and FAILED? - do we need ONE more distraction inside our frickin cars? people have enough crap going on inside their cars already - and now you want to make that STANDARD?!?! PLEASE delete this option when you are getting a car - when you are driving please just drive - playing music is okay - because you're just listening instead of interacting - we have steering wheel mounted controls already - and I'm sure people will attempt to speak in the direction of the mic LOUDLY and when the system does not respond start taking their eyes off the road.

The first clip they show with the sink system, they press a button and then talk - come on people - this is a hazard - we just got to the point where laws are coming into effect banning the use of cellphones while driving - I expect the rebuilt and salvage car markets for FORD to explode :]

Why didn't they even announce this to anyone - hey we're planning on doing this - and FORD being desperate to stop bleeding money fell into the trap - what board members and execs sold out to have this crap exclusively?!?!

Just make better cars, PLEASE!