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Volkswagen Autopilot Lets You Drive Hands-Free at 80 MPH

Illustration for article titled Volkswagen Autopilot Lets You Drive Hands-Free at 80 MPH

Volkswagen is testing a self-driving system that lets you travel up to 80 MPH. It maneuvers the highways like a champ and even handles the stop and go of traffic jams.


The temporary auto pilot technology uses adaptive cruise control, lane assist and a variety of sensors to track your speed, your location and all the cars around you. It's a semi-automatic system so you need to continually monitor the car. You don't have to keep your hands on the wheel, but you really shouldn't be napping while the car is flying down the highway at 75MPH.

Volkswagen designed the system with "production ready" components so an actual test model could arrive in the next few years which is two years too late. [Motor Authority]

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the point of the car is that you get to drive it wherever you want. there are buses and trains for people that want to occupy themselves with other tasks or sleep during the trip. horrible idea in my opinion, can't believe that someone thinks it's a good idea to hurl a 3000 lb projectile 80 mph, down a highway full of other people with the driver not in control