Volkswagen Is Forcing Employees to Turn Off Their BlackBerrys So They'll Stop Working All the Time

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BlackBerrys are still the de facto standard in the work force and represent a sort of leash an employer has on an employee. If you see that indicator light blink, you better get to work. The problem with that is that no employee ever stops thinking about work! VW wants to change that. They're turning off employee BlackBerrys after work.

It's an impressive and progressive idea that's sure to improve the quality of life of their employees. According to the Financial Times, VW's e-mail server will stop sending messages to an employee's BlackBerry 30 minutes after their shift is over and only start up again 30 minutes before their shift starts. That way, VW employees can really get away from their work and not feel weighed down by after hour messages. Live life! No stress! Save time for yourself.

Plus, the employees are probably thinking any reason to use a BlackBerry less is a good reason in itself. [Financial Times]

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I am torn between having my work Exchange server synched to my personal smartphone or not.

Work Email Pros:

1. Calendar also syncs so I know if I have a meeting coming up after lunch. Also full access to calendar details such as conference call number or what room we are meeting in.

2. Of course get access to email so I can look up details about a project or some quick info

Work Email Cons:

1. Locks out all other security features and requires you to use either a pin code or password. Can't use slide, pattern, or Face unlock.

2. Access to emails - this is a con because 99% of the time I don't care about some automated email about a build being completed. I also am not in operations or on call so there are rarely any fires to put out. And I always get new email notifications and it's annoying to perk up thinking it's something interesting, only to find out it's not.

3. Bandwidth - constant push means the battery drains faster.